Fees are gross sums.
Adult consultation fee: 18.000 Ft
Adult follow-up fee:
(above 14 years of age, when presenting again with the same complaint within 3 months)
13.000 Ft
Children's consultation fee (below 14 years of age): 14.000 Ft
Hip screening with US scan: 17.000 Ft
Hip screening with US scan for twins: 26.000 Ft
Injection follow-up (only for injection courses): 8.000 Ft
Trying out and fitting of medical aids (e.g.: corsets, BEBAX shoes, harnesses, knee braces): 8.000 Ft
Medical prescription: Included in the current consultation fee
Administration of injections: Included in the current consultation fee

Injection for viscosupplementation

HyalOne injection: 58.000 Ft
Erectus: 13.000 Ft
Other: Individual fee after procurement

The viscosupplementation package includes:

Fees for first consultations, follow-up examinations or injection
follow-ups for HyalOne or Erectus and their prices

Administration of HyalOne: 82.000 Ft
As a package: 75.000 Ft
Administration of Erectus:
Initial fee for 3 injections: 83.000 Ft
In a 3 injection package: 76.000 Ft
Initial fee for 5 injections: 129.000 Ft
In a 5 injection package: 123.000 Ft
Initial price for HyalOne, followed after 1 month by Erectus, 1 treatment: 105.000 Ft
As a package: 98.000 Ft

"Posture care" package:

Corset therapy (corset and 4 follow-ups/year) until the age of 14 years: 57.000 Ft
As a package: 50.000 Ft
Posture care in cases not requesting corset treatment (4 follow-ups/year): 52.000 Ft
As a package: 45.000 Ft

Follow-up package:

I recommend this package for patients who wish to schedule their follow-up examinations after surgery or want follow-up exams according to individual demands. Naturally, these will be agreed upon in advance, and if they are reasonable, I will undertake to fulfil them.


Packages do not affect surgical waiting times; in my practice surgical appointments or getting on the wait list takes place according to the applicable laws and regulations. Please, consider the above statement when ordering a package.

For hip and knee replacement surgery (4 visits/year): 370.000 Ft
For joint endoscopy (arthroscopy) (4 visits/year): 190.000 Ft
For other surgeries (4 visits/year): 150.000 Ft
  • When choosing a package, a one-time payment should be made after establishing the indication.

  • Cancellation of an appointment is only accepted up to noon of the preceding day. If you do not show up at an appointment, an extra 70% fee will be invoiced at the next visit.

  • Diagnostic studies, such as X-ray, MRI, CT and joint ultrasound scans (except hip screening ultrasonography) are not performed on site.

  • In individual cases the consultation fee is subject to discussion and special agreement.

  • In each case, an appointment should be made in advance by phone.

  • Payment method: cash, debit card.

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