Orthopaedic assessment includes
  • Past medical history: Identifying prior locomotor complaints and disorders (surgeries, fractures, sprains, joint inflammation, etc.)

  • Present complaints: qualitative evaluation of pain, revealing home and work circumstances related to locomotor organs

  • Functional assessment: posture and gait assessment, axial deviations of joints – examination of chest, spine and joint shape, functional assessment of the spine, examination of motion range and deformities of the small and large joints (shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles)

  • Diagnostic imaging: managing and evaluating X-ray, US (ultrasound), CT (computer tomography) and MR (magnetic resonance) scans

  • Laboratory diagnostics: managing and evaluating tests required in inflammatory, autoimmune and other conditions and for surgical preparations

Orthopaedic therapy
  • Conservative methods: summary of therapeutic recommendations, documentation, issuing outpatient examination and treatment reports

  • Prescription of medicines and medical aids

  • Joint injections, administration of steroids, viscosupplementation, hyaluronic acid

  • Physical therapy: physiotherapy exercises, physical therapy: management of ultrasound or electrical therapy

  • Surgical methods:
    • Hip Replacement Surgery from Anterior Approach Without Muscle Detachment
    • Hip Arthroscopy
    • Arthroscope-Assisted Mini Arthrotomy of the Hip
    • Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement
    • "Comfort" Knee Replacement (Attune System)
    • Cementless and Cemented Hip Replacements
    • Cementless and Cemented Knee Replacements
    • Knee Resurfacing
    • Replacement of Knee and Hip Prostheses (Revision Surgery) with Metal Augmentation If Needed
    • Arthroscopy: Hip, Knee, Shoulder
    • Axis Correction Surgeries in Various Anatomical Regions
    • Surgical Treatment and Removal of Soft Tissue Disorders
    • Surgical Treatment of Benign Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours
    • Surgical Treatment of Certain Childhood Foot Deformities

Surgery is performed at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of the B-A-Z County Hospital and University Teaching Hospital.

  • I provide care for the following adulthood orthopaedic diseases
    Shoulder joint diseases, joint inflammation, cartilage loss, impingement syndrome, tendon inflammations, elbow joint disorders, adult spine diseases, osteoarthritis/ inflammation of the hip joint, femoral head necrosis, osteoarthritis/ inflammation of the knee joint, meniscal disorders, disorders of the anterior cruciate ligament, disorders of the patella, Baker’s cyst, diseases of the ankle joint, flat feet, bunions, hammer toe, forefoot pains, bone and soft tissue tumours, post traumatic disorders of the supporting system, joint contractures.
  • I provide care for the following childhood orthopaedic diseases
    Shoulder joint diseases, joint inflammation, vague joint pains, elbow joint disorders, scoliosis, bad posture, chest deformities, developmental malformations, inflammation and pain in the hip joint, hip dysplasia, Perthes disease, ultrasound screening for hip dysplasia in infants, knee pain, foot disorders, clubfoot, flatfoot, joint contractures, bone and soft tissue tumours.
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