Hip arthroscopy, hip arthroscope-assisted mini arthrotomy

2018. 11. 06. 22:10 | Dr. Zsolt Zsákai

Certain diseases of the hip joint may be managed via joint endoscopy (arthroscopy). Occasionally, the joint is accessed via a minor incision and then the surgeon proceeds with the assistance of arthroscopic instruments.

It should be mentioned that among joints, the hip joint is most difficult to access via arthroscopy; however, considering its advantages, this technique is a realistic choice in certain cases. Due to the anatomical position and specific characteristics of the hip joint, this technique is not recommended in patients with certain body types.

Advantages of the surgery are that a small wound is to be expected, surgical burden is lower, blood loss is milder, convalescence period is shorter and rehabilitation faster.

In my practice, I decide on surgery based on the results of physical examinations and X-ray scans, and occasionally MRI scans. Before surgery, I provide the patient with detailed information on the intervention, including its risks and benefits.

Dr. Zsákai Zsolt
Dr. Zsolt Zsákai
Assistant Professor
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