Hip replacement surgery from an anterior approach without muscle detachment

2018. 11. 06. 22:11 | Dr. Zsolt Zsákai

Anterior approach refers to a technique that is performed via an incision of about 8–10 cm made on the frontal part of the thigh at the level of the fold in the groin and without cutting muscles.

Compared to standard approaches, it is more advantageous since the pain is present for a shorter period of time and often to a lesser degree, postoperative mobilisation can be initiated sooner, and thus rehabilitation time decreases, and also milder blood loss can be expected. Probability for prosthesis dislocation can be reduced, and also the limb length can be more easily set.

The surgery can be performed in almost all people regardless of their body type, though it should be added that for certain body types hip replacement surgery may be more difficult. During patient assessment (especially after viewing X-ray images) the surgeon is already considering the technical challenges that may be expected during surgery.

In certain cases, I also perform hip revision surgeries (prosthesis replacement due to loosening) via the anterior approach to reduce the surgical burden of the implant replacement.

Dr. Zsákai Zsolt
Dr. Zsolt Zsákai
Assistant Professor
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